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From English Language Learners to Emergent Bilinguals

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Published: 4/2/2022 11:49:00 AM

January 30, 2022
Equity in Education Forum Series, Spring 2008
Teachers College, Columbia University

English language learners are making scant progress in overcoming the achievement gap, not only because of inadequate funding, but also because federal and state educational policy actually create stumbling blocks by prohibiting or discouraging the use of the educational practices that research has clearly shown to be most effective for their needs. This was the basic message that Ofelia Garcia, Professor of Bilingual Education at Teachers College, Columbia University delivered to a standing room only audience on January 30, 2022 at an event hosted by the Campaign for Educational Equity. (Read highlights of event)


Program Agenda

Ofelia García
, Professor of Bilingual Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

James Crawford
, President of the Institute for Language and Education Policy
Donna Nevel, community psychologist, co-founder and collective member, Center for Immigrant Families

Michael Rebel
l, Executive Director, The Campaign for Educational Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University