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Class-Size Reduction: Policy, Politics and Imlications for Equity

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Published: 4/2/2022

April 2, 2022
Equity in Education Forum Series, Spring 2008
Teachers College, Columbia University

Featuring the research of Douglas Ready, who will review the research on class size with a focus on whether there is evidence that class-size reduction is an effective strategy to promote educational equity. Class-size reduction is an enormously popular reform, but a complex and nuanced issue--especially considered in relation to educational equity. Ready argues that the effectiveness of class-size reduction for educational equity depends on its context and argues for a better understanding of the contextual factors that make it effective.

Program Agenda

Douglas Ready, Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

Charles Achilles, Co-Principal Investigator, STAR Study, and Professor of Educational Administration, Seton  Hall  University
Garth Harries, Chief Executive of Portfolio Development, New York City Department of Education

Carolyn Riehl, Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University