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The Equity Report Card

The Campaign will release a Report Card later this year on the condition of educational equity, broadly defined, at the national level.  Because an adequate and equitable education should produce a broad range of outcomes, and not basic skills in reading and math alone, the Report Card will summarize available data on eight key goal areas: basic academic skills; critical thinking; social skills and work ethic; citizenship; physical health; emotional health; the arts and literature; and preparation for skilled work. 

Because of limited data availability at the state level, the Report Card will present only limited findings on equity for states with significant numbers of African-American students. The Report Card will, however, describe data that should be collected for the nation and for each state, to make it possible to reach reliable conclusions about educational equity nationwide and in the states. Currently, many such data are already collected, but in an uncoordinated fashion and without sufficiently large samples to support judgments about equity at the state level. The Report Card will also include a detailed proposal for remedying these data inadequacies.

The Report Card's data, focused on the conditions of African-American youth, was developed principally by Richard Rothstein, research associate of the Economic Policy Institute. The Equity Report Card will also include data on equity for Latino youth, prepared by Francisco Rivera-Batiz, Professor of Economics and Education at Teachers College. Mr. Rothstein has been assisted in the development of the Report Card by Rebecca Jacobsen and Tamara Wilder, Ph. D. candidates in Politics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. The design of the Report Card was summarized by Mr. Rothstein, the 2005-2006 Distinguished Tisch Lecturer, in three lectures at Teachers College in the 2006 Tisch Lecture Series: Towards a Teachers College Report Card on Equity in American Education.  The lectures are available for viewing at: 

Equity in What? Defining the Goals of American Education for which We Seek Equity

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