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The Research Initiative

The Campaign for Educational Equity serves as a clearinghouse for the best existing research on educational equity by bringing together experts and organizations from Teachers College and around the globe.  The Campaign both spotlights the best existing research in a given area and supplements it when necessary with commissioned inquiry.

The Research Initiative builds on The Campaign's focus on comprehensive solutions to educational inequalities.  As part of the Initiative, Teachers College faculty members will produce a series of "Reviews of Research" that will summarize existing knowledge in critical areas, identify unanswered questions and highlight inequities.  In addition, The Campaign produces policy "white papers" and summaries of research from its annual Equity Symposia.

The Campaign has identified 12 "educational essentials" -- ranging from school-based factors to health care services and family support -- that it believes are necessary for all students to receive an equitable and comprehensive education, and that collectively shape its Research Initiative, including Reviews of Research.

The 12 "Education Essentials" targeted by The Campaign are:

  1. High Quality Early Childhood Education Programs
  2. Rigorous and Challenging Curricula for All Students
  3. High Quality Teaching
  4. Effective, Sustained Educational Leadership
  5. Appropriate Class Sizes
  6. Appropriate Physical and Mental Health Care Services
  7. Appropriate Academic Support for English Language Learners
  8. Appropriate Academic Support for Special Education Students
  9. Appropriate Academic Support for Children in Areas of Concentrated Poverty
  10. Effective After-School, Community and Summer Programs
  11. Effective Parent Involvement and Family Support
  12. Racially and Socio-Economically Diverse Schools 
The first of these Reviews, on Early Childhood Education, has been completed by Dr. Sharon Lynn Kagan, Professor of Early Childhood Education Policy, Co-Director of the National Center for Children and Families, and Associate Dean and Director of the Office of Policy & Research.  Dr. Kagan's Review, entitled  American Early Childhood Education: Preventing or Perpetuating Inequity, is available below. 
Review of Research #1: American Early Childhood Education: Preventing or Perpetuating InequityResearch_Initiative
By: Sharon Lynn Kagan, Ed.D

Over the coming months, we will be posting each Review conducted by TC faculty and commissioned by The Equity Campaign.  In addition, Teachers College has several on-going research centers and institutes currently engaged in equity research:
The Campaign for Educational Equity
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