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Equity in Education Forum Series

The Equity in Education Forum Series at Teachers College seeks to promote education equity by highlighting important new research emerging from the Equity Campaign’s Research Initiative and by fostering dialogue on important equity issues affecting schools today. All forums are open to the Teachers College community, the  Columbia University community and the general public.

Spring 2009 Forums

  • Healthier Students Are Better Learners: A Missing Link in Efforts to Close the Achievement Gap
    Forum Date: March 9, 2022

    With Charles E. Basch, the Richard March Hoe Professor of Health Education at Teachers College, Matthew Yale, Deputy Chief of State, U.S. Department of Education and Howell Wechesler, Director, Division of Adolescent and School Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Reframing Family Involvement: Supporting Families to Support Educational Equity
    Forum Date: December 3, 2021

    With Heather Weiss, Director, Harvard Family Research Project, Richard Buery, Chief Executive Officer, Children's Aid Society, and Larry Wood, New York City public school parent and Family Council Organizer, Goddard Riverside Community Center

  • Abbott v. Burke: Has the Landmark School Funding Case Improved Student Outcomes?
    Forum Date: November 11, 2021

    With David Sciarra, Executive Director, Education Law Center, Gordon MacInnes, Fellow, Equality and Education Project, The Century Foundation, and Former Assistant Commissioner for the Abbott Implementation, and Clifford Janey, Superintendent, Public Schools

  • Can After-School Programs Help Level the Playing Field for Disadvantaged Youth?
    Forum Date: October 7, 2021

    With Margo Gardner, Research Scientist, National Center for Children and Families, Jodie Roth, Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Children and Families, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Child Development and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, Robert Granger, President, William T. Grant Foundation, and Lucy Friedman, President, The After School Corporation


  • American Early Childhood Education: Preventing or Perpetuating Inequity?
    Forum Date: April 6, 2022

    With Sharon Lynn Kagan, Professor of Early Childhood and Family Policy, Teachers College, Columbia University, Clive Belfield, Associate Professor, Queens College, City University of New York, and Nancy Kolben, Executive Director, Child Care, Inc.

Spring 2008 Forums
  • From English Language Learners to Emergent Bilinguals
    Forum Date: January 30, 2022

    With Ofelia García, Professor of Bilingual Education, Teachers College; James Crawford, President of the Institute for Language and Education Policy; Donna Nevel, community psychologist, co-founder and collective member, Center for Immigrant Families; and Michael Rebell, Executive Director, The Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College

  • Reassessing the Achievement Gap: Fully Measuring What Students Should Be Taught in School
    Forum Date: February 21, 2022

    With Richard Rothstein, Research Associate, Economic Policy Institute, and Senior Researcher, The Campaign for Educational Equity; Francisco Rivera-Batiz, Professor of Economics and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University; John H. Jackson, President and CEO, The Schott Foundation for Public Education; and Henry M. Levin, William H. Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Beyond NCLB Hype: A New Agenda for the New Administration
    Forum Date: March 5, 2022

    With Michael A. Rebell, Executive Director, The Campaign for Educational Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University; John H. Jennings, President & CEO, Center on Education Policy; Thomas L. Rogers, Executive Director, Council of State Superintendents; and Arlene Ackerman, Incoming Superintendent of the Philadelphia Public Schools & Christian A. Johnson Professor of Outstanding Educational Practice, Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Class-Size Reduction: Policy, Politics and Implications for Equity
    Forum Date: April 2, 2022

    With Douglas Ready, Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University;  Charles Achilles, Co-Principal Investigator, STAR Study, and Professor of Educational Administration, Seton Hall University; Garth Harries, Chief Executive of Portfolio Development, New York City Department of Education; Carolyn Riehl, Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

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