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The Campaign for Educational Equity is the research and public voice of Teachers College, Columbia University.  It is dedicated to promoting equity in excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups in this country.  The Campaign reflects the total institutional commitment of the College to educational equity.

Launched in 2005 with Michael A. Rebell as Executive Director and Laurie M. Tisch as National Advisory Council Chair, The Campaign promotes equity through improved policy and practice stemming from research, dissemination and school programs that can serve as national models for reform.

The Campaign's focus on research includes an annual Equity Symposium that brings together experts from around the country and an Equity Report Card (currently in development) that will assess progress toward comprehensive educational equity at the national level.  More broadly, The Campaign draws upon the resources of Teachers College, and, where appropriate, of Columbia University as a whole.

In creating demonstration projects -- programs in schools and communities that have the potential to become national models -- The Campaign builds off of a nucleus of existing partnerships between Teachers College and the New York City public schools, collectively known as the TC Education Partnership Zone.

The Campaign is also committed to expanding and strengthening the national movement for quality public education for all by providing up-to-date information and analysis on key education policy issues.  These include school funding, accountability and improving the federal No Child Left Behind Act.  It will also establish collaborative links with educational, legislative and policy groups as well as with university-based think tanks throughout the country.

The Campaign for Educational Equity takes a comprehensive approach to educational equity, rooted in the belief that because educational inequity poses a multi-faceted challenge, any response must be equally comprehensive.  In addition to widely-studied educational interventions like early childhood education, small class sizes, and high quality teaching, The Campaign advocates for prudent and well-managed investments in parental involvement, children's health and other factors that affect student performance.

The Campaign for Educational Equity
Educational equity - a moral imperative for the 21st century
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