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Recent articles featuring the Campaign, its staff and projects:

Local Parents Look to California Tenure Decision, June 14, 2022

In an interview with Buffalo News, Michael Rebell notes that there are significant differences between the California tenure system and laws in New York State. These differences will pose a challenge for parents hoping to bring a similar lawsuit in New York.

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Too Many Schools in the Building: How Co-Location Can Backfire

Teachers College features our latest policy brief on co-location: "The Effects of Co-Location on New York City's Ability to Provide All Students a Sound Basic Education." The brief provides evidence to suggest that co-location exacerbates some schools' existing resource deficiencies and creates further constraints to their ability to fulfill all students' constitutional educational rights. It concludes with some recommendations for the mayor and the chancellor.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review Highlights TC/CEE Team 
The Stanford Social Innovation Review blog features a story by the TC team of Jeff Henig, Carolyn Riehl, and CEE's Michael Rebell and Jessica Wolff, and the Wallace Foundation's Hilary Rhodes about our new study of civic collaboration for improving educational opportunities and outcomes.
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Teachers College grants funds to Dear Sisters Girls Group, a program that works to empower disadvantaged female high school students in Harlem, which will run programming for 10th and 11th graders at Frederick Douglass Academy II. The programs will help the school embody the “comprehensive educational opportunity" model developed by the Campaign for Educational Equity.
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CEE, Part of TC Team, Wins Wallace Grant to Study Collective Impact Approach to Education Reform
CEE's Michael Rebell and Jessica Wolff are part of a Teachers College research team awarded a Wallace Foundation grant to study the "collective impact" approach to tackling social and educational challenges. The grant will enable the team to embark on a multiyear study of this approach in three mid-sized cities.
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Suit Will Seek State Money Promised to Schools in 2007
The New York Times features Michael Rebell's new lawsuit against the State of New York on behalf of the state’s public school students. New Yorkers for Students' Educational Rights v. the State of New York charges that the state is violating students’ educational rights by neglecting its constitutional obligation to ensure that every school has sufficient funding to provide all students with a meaningful educational opportunity.
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Cuomo Proposes Pre-K Funds, January 22, 2022
A Wall Street Journal article features a comment by Michael Rebell about Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio's universal prekindergarten funding plans.
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Cuomo’s Obligation to Your Kids: Fund Schools, Not Tax Cuts, January 6, 2022
In an op-ed in the NY Daily News, Michael Rebell writes that Gov. Cuomo’s priorities are totally askew. Cuomo is calling for tax cuts at a time when New York is almost $4 billion in arrears on its existing obligations to the state’s public school students.
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Press Release: CCI Partners with CEE to Release Roadmap for Statewide Full-Day Pre-K, October 24, 2021
The Campaign for Educational Equity and the Center for Children’s Initiatives unveiled a statewide plan for full-day Pre-K, offering a financial strategy that recognizes pre-K as an essential educational service and provides a plan to phase in pre-K to the state's three and four year olds over the next eight years.
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Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West, October 16, 2021

Michael A. Rebell is quoted in the Washington Post about the national spike in poverty and its effect on education. “When you break down the various test scores, you find the high-income kids, high-achievers are holding their own and more,” Rebell said. “It’s when you start getting down to schools with a majority of low-income kids that you get astoundingly low scores. Our real problem regarding educational outcomes is not the U.S. overall, it’s the growing low-income population.”
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Racial Equity 50 Years After King's Speech, October 9, 2021

In an op-ed in Education Week, Michael Rebell writes that we are closer to racial equity in both achievement and opportunity than we were 50 years ago, but much further from reaching Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of equal educational opportunity than we should and could be.
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Rebellion in Education Funding, March 20, 2022
An opinion piece in the Rochester City Newspaper describes Michael Rebell as a "hero" to "many New York educators and parents." The article features an edited version of an interview with Rebell.

Closing Education Achievement Gap: Blue-Ribbon Panel Offers Blueprint, February 19, 2022
The Equity and Excellence Commission, a national commission on education, released its final report to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The recommendations address some of the inequities in per-pupil education funds between wealthy districts and high-poverty districts, which Commission member Michael Rebell described as "the hardest area to come to a consensus on."
Read the full story online here

Commission Recommends Core Changes in Education, January 2, 2022
Governor Cuomo's Education Reform Commission released its preliminary report, which included recommendations for extended time in schools, district consolidations, and full-day pre-K for poor children. Michael Rebell was one of 25 members on the commission.
Read the full story online here

Poor Schools Struggling to Meet State Standards, Years After Critical Ruling: The New York Times, December 10, 2021
Reports released by the Campaign for Educational Equity show that many schools in poor districts lack basic resources, and some did not even meet minimum state standards in certain areas.
Read the full story online here

Agent for Equity: Taking the Fight for Needy Schools to the Classroom: The Post-Standard, June 1, 2022
The Editorial Board discusses Michael Rebell's appointment to Governor Cuomo's Education Reform Commission as well as the mission of the Campaign for Educational Equity.
Read the full story online here

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Moving From Pilots to Policy: The Huffington Post, April 3, 2022
Richard Buery, President and CEO of The Children's Aid Society, writes about the March 27th conference, hosted by the BBA and the CEE, and the need for disadvantaged children and their families to receive comprehensive supports and opportunities for sound basic education.
Read the full story online here

Debate Continues About How to Offer Services to Needy Students: Gotham Schools, March 30, 2022
A panel discussion at the Salom Urea de Henr-quez Campus in Washington Heights was hosted by the Broader, Boulder Approach to Education and the Campaign for Educational Equity, whose director, Michael Rebell, was one of four panelists.
Read the full story online here

Rebell Still Fighting for Funding Equity: New York State School Boards Association, March 26, 2022
NYSSBA describes the Albany, New York Conference "Safeguarding Sound Basic Education in Hard Economic Times" and the efforts of the Campaign for Educational Equity to provide all students meaningful educational opportunities.
Read the full story online here

We Can Overcome Poverty's Impact on School Success: Education Week, January 17, 2022
Michael Rebell and Jessica Wolff address the "poverty crisis" in America's schools and how comprehensive services can increase student achievement for low-income students.
Read the full story online here

Lawsuits Say States Fail to Meet K-12 Funding Duties: Education Week, January 17, 2022
Michael Rebell is interviewed about the ongoing or recently decided legal battles regarding whether states meet their constitutional requirements in providing adequate resources to disadvantaged schools.
Read the full story online here

Schools a Focus as State of the State Approaches: Watertown Daily Times, January 4, 2022
Policy director Jessica Wolff speaks about the research underway at the Campaign for Educational Equity documenting whether New York is living up to its constitutionally mandated funding duties amidst funding cuts throughout the state.
Read the full story online here

Attorney Michael Rebell Talks Education and Fairness: Capital Tonight, January 2, 2022
Michael Rebell speaks on Capital Tonight about whether New York is meeting its obligation to provide every child with a sound basic education.
Read the full story online here

School Spending Under Microscope: The Wall Street Journal, December 27, 2021
Michael Rebell speaks about the research being completed at the Campaign for Educational Equity to determine what effect, if any, budget cuts have on New York schools, if schools are using their funding efficiently, and if all students are receiving a "sound basic education" in these economic times.
Read the full story online here

Colloquium Confronts Achievement Gap in American Education: The Harvard Crimson, October 14, 2021
At a colloquium hosted by the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review on Thursday, Professor Rebell introduced his forthcoming article arguing for American children's constitutional right to "comprehensive educational opportunity."
Read the full story online here

The Long Sell: Gotham Schools, October 12, 2021
After the Campaign for Fiscal Equity's landmark 13-year school finance lawsuit, the Campaign for Educational Equity is now trying a different approach to advocate for poor students.
Read the full story online here

Campaign for Educational Equity Wants $4,230 More Per Student to Close Achievement Gap: The Huffington Post, October 12, 2021
At a recent Teachers College forum titled "Achievable and Affordable: Providing Comprehensive Educational Opportunity to Low-Income Students," Rebell highlighted five new CEE papers that offer legal and financial analyses of broad-based educational equity to a packed Milbank Chapel.
Read the full story online here

Economic, Educational Gains Seen from Out-of-School Spending: Education Week, October 11, 2021
The Campaign is arguing in favor of increased investment in out-of-school support services on the neediest students, a financial commitment it says will bring major returns for education and the economy.
Read the full story online here

Group Urges More Money to Aid Poor in School: The New York Times, October 9, 2021
At a conference on October 11, 2011, the Campaign will recommend that the state of New York pay for an array of support services outside the classroom. Starting with prenatal care for mothers, the campaign's recommendation counts on 18 years of services -'" through high school graduation -'" that include extensive early child care and after-school and summer programs.
Read the full story online here

CR-CL Presents a Colloquium, "The Right to Comprehensive Educational Opportunity.": Harvard Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Law Review, October 7, 2021
In his article forthcoming in Volume 47:1 of the Law Review, "The Right to Comprehensive Educational Opportunity,"  Michael A. Rebell argues for the recognition of a constitutional right to quality education for all children. A draft of Rebell's article is featured.
Read the full story online here

When Schools Depend on Handouts: The New York Times, August 25, 2021
An op-ed by Michael Rebell and Jessica Wolff furthers the case that that deep school-funding cuts nationwide call for public policy reform, not private philanthropy, to protect public education. 
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South Carolina Supreme Court Yet to Rule on Education Lawsuit: The Associated Press, May 1, 2022
Nearly three years after lawyers for South Carolina's rural school districts and lawyers for the state faced off before the state Supreme Court, educators, legislators and the public are still awaiting the justices' decision on an education funding lawsuit that dates to 1993.
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Letter to the Editor in the New York Times: April 27, 2022
Jessica R. Wolff writes on comprehensive educational opportunity in response to a New York Times op-ed by Joe Nocera on "The Limits of School Reform"
Read the letter online here